Grace Meadows Farm Fall and Winter Events

Now that spring is barreling toward summer, Grace Meadows Farm Venue is anticipating fall and winter events. If you are considering a fall or winter wedding or a corporate event, may I share the advantages of hosting them with us during our slower season?

1. There is much less competition in the winter for people’s time. Their kids are in school, they are less likely to be out of town and your favorite photographer or speaker may have an opening in their schedule for your event.

2.  After December, event prices at Grace Meadows Farm Venue decrease. Your other vendors may help you with price breaks as well.

3. You won’t sweat (as much).

4.  Events, especially weddings, are less common in the winter. If you want a memorable day, plan it where you and your guests stand or sit by a cozy fireplace in a heated barn.

5. A University of Alabama study shows that human’s blood pressure decreases and they become calmer and more sociable watching a fireplace flame.

During my favorite winter wedding at Grace Meadows Farm Venue, the bride used red holly berries as decoration. They served soup and hot cocoa during the reception. Snow blew in that morning and covered the ground. The bride applied bright red lipstick and borrowed a fur stole. Their pictures are phenomenal.

Grace Meadows farm is conveniently located in the center of Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport Tennessee, near Boones Creek. We’ve hosted guests from all over the Mountain Empire region, and we can accommodate large event gatherings, small intimate family reunions, church events and gatherings, and much more. We also have a variety of event venues to choose from. Give us a call or stop by and see the Tri-Cities premier wedding and event venue.